Senior Care Therapy, LLC



Many residents of healthcare facilities benefit from psychotherapy and/or supportive counseling when dealing with their concerns about life changes, illness, loss, anxiety, sadness, depression, social difficulties and a host of other challenges that aging presents.  Roughly half of all nursing home and long term care residents exhibit signs of clinical depression.  Left untreated, depression and anxiety in a resident in a healthcare setting can add significantly to staff care time and as a result, to costs.  Additionally, providing psychotherapy and counseling to these residents addresses the increased levels of scrutiny from state and federal regulators.


Depending upon the size of a caseload and some additional factors, SCT will determine the number of days per week that a psychotherapist will be present and available at the facility.


Senior Care Therapy, LLC's Psychotherapy and Counseling Program consists of the following services:


     * Individual Psychotherapy/Counseling

     * Group Therapy

     * Family Support Sessions

     * Integration With Facility Staff


There are numerous benefits to the Psychotherapy and Counseling Program and include the following:


     * Enhanced Care

     * Happier, more relaxed and better behaved residents

     * Reduced Stress

     * Reduced Costs

     * Enhanced Marketing