Senior Care Therapy, LLC



Nurse Practitioners (NP) also known as Advanced Practice Nurses (APN), are highly trained in advanced areas of nursing, making them an extremely valuable assets in any healthcare setting.  Throughout our experience working in the long term care environment, we have identified several areas of care that are greatly enhanced by utilizing the services of a Nurse Practitioner. 


SCT can assure that a Nurse Practitioner will be available and present in your facility throughout the week.  The precise number of days per week and hours per day would be determined based upon your facility's specific needs.  The purpose of the NP is to enhance the overall quality of care in your facility by providing supplemental services to complement the existing psychological and clinical services already in place.


The NP's responsibilities would include a combination of the following services:


     * Medication Management

     * Mental Status Management

     * On-Site "Physician Extender"

     * Supplemental Psychotherapy


When these services are combined, the NP becomes an integral part of the clinical team at your facility by filling any gaps in service and by adding a holistic element to the care of each resident.  As part of the maintenance/prevention initiative, the NP will be visiting the residents on a regular schedule, thus gaining a genuine familiarity of each resident's health status.  This allows for timely interventions when adjustments to treatment or therapy are necessary.  As an on-site "physician extender", the NP's immediate availability will alleviate the pressure usually associated with reaching a resident's primary care physician in a timely manner.  Their presence allows residents to be seen and potentially be treated immediately as medical issues arise.


The benefits of the Nurse Practitioner Program are numerous and include the following:


     * Enhanced Care

     * Reduced Hospitalizations

     * Reduced Stress

     * Enhanced Marketing