Senior Care Therapy, LLC



Senior Care Therapy, LLC was developed based upon a keen understanding of the needs of both residents and long term care facilities.  It was recognized  that these facilities faced significant challenges with regard to securing mental health professionals who could deliver high quality and clinically sound services on a consistent basis.  By remaining committed to these founding principles, SCT has enjoyed steady growth since its start.


Senior Care Therapy provides two core programs to facilities and their residents:

The Psychotherapy and Counseling Program and The Nurse Practitioner Program.

Each program has several elements and is customizable to the specific needs of the facility and its population.  SCT can implement one or both of the programs, although maximum benefits are achieved as a result of implementing both programs.


Senior Care Therapy employs highly qualified licensed healthcare professionals including Physicians, Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Advanced Practice Nurses (Nurse Practitioners).  Each of our staff members is independently licensed to practice in New Jersey and has specialized training in geriatrics and the senior population.  In addition, each is trained in federal and state regulations pertaining to long term and residential care facilities.  SCT is dedicated to selecting only those clinicians who share SCT's core principles and who are passionate about helping seniors.


Senior Care Therapy will directly submit claims to Medicare Part B or other private insurances for payment.  The facility and the residents have no financial obligation for services rendered.